Acupuncture For Arthritis 

For thousands of years, ancient techniques have been carefully tested and  recorded to find the most effective way to understand the body using the knowledge of meridian systems and Chinese theory.

Fine touch acupuncture techniques are used to open up blocked meridians and tonify or clear "qi", pronounced "che", which we could call a form of energy within these channels.  There are a variety of different treatments, styles of acupuncture, and techniques to choose from depending on what the patient is suffering from. This is determined during the consult, per request of the patient and practitioners preferred treatment plan.  Often a patient just wants a ‘tune up’ or relaxing treatment, which can be easily accomplished with selected points specific for that person.  There is also a preferred treatment menu available in which the patient can request a certain type such as, facial rejuvenation, golden dragon spinal treatment exc.

The practitioner reviews what the patient wants and needs and will recommend a fusion treatment that fills the person's needs and desires.


How it works: Acupuncture unblocks stagnant qi or can strengthen deficient flow of qi in the meridians. Most of the meridians run vertically starting or ending in the fingers, toes, orifices, and organs. The points were given names traditionally as a brief description and were numbered later on.  For instance, a powerful point on the bottom of the foot "bubbling spring" starts the Kidney channel and is numbered KD1. Yes, this channel connects with the kidney and bladder organs internally. The points flow along the channels like little sunken wells or pockets of energy. Any kind of traumatic event from emotional to physical can slow down or block the natural flow of qi which can cause stagnation, deficiency, or sometimes both.



Glass Fire Cupping Therapy For Lower Back Pain 

Enjoy the experience of classic Chinese glass cupping... clearing out toxins and old stagnant injuries.  Sometimes the muscles will not heal 100% and remain sore or tight.  Relieve back, neck, hip and shoulder pain with this calming release.


ABOUT: Local suction is created on the skin by soaking a cotton ball in alcohol and removing the oxygen inside the glass cup, creating a tight seal for stationary or running cups.  The cups are primarily used on the back, although other places can be therapeutic, it increases blood flow and promotes healing of injured or sore muscles. The practice of cupping dates back to 3000 B.C. and is recorded in many countries around the world.


WHAT IT TREATS: Cupping therapy treats a broad range of disorders including anemia, rheumatic diseases (arthritic joint disorders), skin problems (eczema, acne), fertility disorders, menstrual and gynecological disorders, headaches, hip, back and neck pain, allergies, detoxification and a number of other conditions..

SIDE EFFECTS: Cupping therapy commonly causes bruising of the skin, which may last for 2-10 days.  Generally the bruises look like dark circles where old capillaries have ruptured under the skin; This is not a bad thing as new fresh blood rushes to the surface and replaces the old stagnant capillaries.  Less often patients may have muscle soreness after cupping for 24 hours post treatment. Increased hydration can reduce the effects of bruising and muscle soreness.


Moxabustion (Heat Infused Therapy)

This amazing herb nourishes and warms the body deep though the muscles, bones and penetrates into the marrow and body's organs.  Moxa is used in many different forms all with the same outcome; immediate relief of cold, pain relief and healing.  It is often placed on a natural surface such as ginger, salt, turmeric to act as a medium that protects the skin from the heat. When combined with acupuncture and cupping, maximum results can be found for certain conditions while others only need moxa alone.


Moxa, is tightly rolled up mugwort leaf, artemisiae argyi folium (pharmaceutical name), or Ai Ye is the Chinese pinyin. It can be used directly on the skin with a barrier or more commonly in the US, it is placed on a needle or kept within an inch or two from the skin. It is highly flamible and produces an immence amount of internal heat over a duration of time.


Personally, I love moxa as much as acupuncture and so do my patients. Warm your kidneys and let it help you release any stagnation with this delicious warming herb year round.

Tuina Chinese Medical Massage &

Meridian Touch Therapy

Tuina massage is amazing... it gently opens up the muscles without the use of digging with the fingers. This not only benefits the the practitioner with more sustainable and comfortable treatments, the patient can feel this and gets an added sense of relaxation. Tuina works by rolling, rotating and gently manipulating the muscle with the back of hand, arm and light elbow use. It also stretches the muscles and for deeper stagnation percussion techniques are used. This can be a full body head to toe massage added onto other techniques that the practitioner uses the discretion and understanding of the body to know how much each patient needs.


Meridian Touch Therapy is like no other massage technique you've felt before. We could say it's a mix of a lymphatic massage and a sports medicine physical therapy  technique except for that Flora adds a bit of her own magical touch, manually dredging the meridians helping the body regain proper flow of energy. It is truly a wonderful technique that has been designed by Flora through guidance of her patients needs.

 Auriculotherapy-Specialty Ear Massage

When is the last time someone really touched our ears? Auriculotherapy is reflexology of the ear. The whole body is mapped as a micro-system in the outer ear, the mapping is called somatotherapy. To visualize this, you can imagine it as a upside down human with their head down by the ear lobe, the spine wraps up the ridge called the scapha, while the feet and hands are located up at the top. Applying strong stimulation to these different points can treat various health conditions and commonly treats pain. Targeting the accurate area is essential as there are a lot of point located in a very small area!

Auriculo Acupuncture (Ear acupuncture)

Using this same microsystem described in Auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture is extremely specific as the tiny fine tipped needles have the accuracy to stimulate a point that may be extremely tiny. All the same, do not be fooled by the size, as these points can be the strongest analgesics (pain killer acupuncture points) of the entire body. They are commonly used to treat injuries, pain, addictions, PTSD (specifically with Vet's suffering from trauma), anxiety, depression, smoking cessions, headaches and can treat any condition or organ of the body. One of my favorite areas with such a strong influence!

Gua sha (Jade Stone Scraping)

This amazing invigorating technique involves smearing warm or room temp oil on the skin and running a flat jade stone tool or other round edged tool over the surface of the skin to remove impurities. This scraping technique is similar to cupping except for it is more precise to a muscle that is inflamed and the practitioner can go deeper into the particular tissue that shows stagnation. The bruising appears because of dead capillaries that are ready to be released or replaced.

It can be used to treat neck or back pain due to tight muscle bands, early stage of a cold or flu with a stiff neck, scar reduction, facial rejuvenation (a gentle approach that inceases blood to the face), in addition to opening up areas that are stagnant due to old injuries that were not properly cared for.


Reflexology- Auravedic Foot Massage

There are several theories as to how reflexology works to reduce pain and how it can target different areas of the body, including specific organs. They all confirm that reducing stress has a large cognitive effect on the brain and simultaneously releases tension.  

It's said Reflexology originated in ancient Egyptian times but was adopted in Asia and  India finally making it to the west. Long ago, it was tradition when a visitor arrived in an Indian home, it was customary to draw a foot bath and massage their feet using Reflexology techniques. Stimulating the different points on the feet not only relax organs but move blood and Qi (the body's life force energy explained in more detail under the 'Breath and Movement' page on this website). Much of the tension and pain found in the body is due to stagnation (sluggish movement) of blood and Qi. When there is lack of flow, it can create excess or deficiencies in the bodies organs. Reflexology points on the hands and feet correspond in a mirror effect to different organs and body parts. It works as a complimentary whole body medicine treating not only the symptoms but the root cause by stimulating the correct areas.

In the world of sports and athletics, injuries are very common for every sportsperson. If you are also facing any kind of sports injury problem, you always wants to treat it in a natural way. Now, it will be possible for every sports man to face the conditions of sports injury and joint pain in a completely natural way with our professionals. We are here to serve every patient with sports medicine physical therapy services. Our professionals are able to use the best techniques to treat all kinds of sports injuries problems for the patients without going for any kind of complex surgical methods.

Electrical Stimulation (E-Stem)


Acutonics- Sound Vibration Therapy

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