Boosting Fertility & Conception Tips- North Shore Kaua'i Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

July 21, 2018

   Hello, my name is Flora Freeauf, I am a licensed acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner on the North Shore of Kaua'i. Every time I get a call, where a patient tells me they were referred from a friend, I get a little excited, wondering what I might be treating with the new patient. A lot of patients come to me for assisting in infertility, regulating menstrual cycles, reducing PMS and assisting in promoting a healthy birth just before labor. Today we are going to talk about ways to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.


   At the time of conception, it is extremely important that both parents are exceptionally healthy. This is very important, as the health of the child directly relates to the health of both parents at this time. Both parents need to prepare for this, cleansing their bodies and calming their minds to create the healthiest environment for the unborn child.


Pre-Conception guidelines

- Reduce stress levels with Qi gong, Tai chi, Gentle yoga, Meditation, Breathing techniques

- Reduce workload, don't push too hard

- Use visualizations with mind-body medicine visualizing a healthy pregnancy

- Get plenty of sleep and let yourself sleep in or take naps, especially mid-day after lunch

- Avoid raw foods & Cold foods and drinks (NO ICE or fridge cold drinks!)

- Avoid caffeine, alcohol, green tea, matcha

- Avoid smoking

- Begin taking prenatal vitamins or 400 mg folic acid 3-4 months preparing for pregnancy

- Start increasing food intake creating a healthy environment for two about 2 months before planned conception


   In Chinese medicine, your symptoms are a complex puzzle that are organized into patterns based on Chinese organ diagnosis. Sometimes, there are several different organ diagnoses overlapping, depending on the age and complexity of the patients medical history.  Often, promoting fertility and balancing hormones it is simple; reducing stress, nourishing the body with and gentle acupuncture, moxabustion heat therapy, herbology and relaxation techniques.


"A Human being results from the Qi of Heaven and Earth... the union of Qi of Heaven and Earth is called Human Being"



Treating locals and visitors of Kaua'i in Kilauea and Hanalei at my two locations. In-home/vacation rental visits when available.

Private Qi Gong lessons given in homes and beach front at sunrise and sunset.


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