New Qi Gong Class in Kilauea Kauai

March 2, 2018

Relax, breath and move in conjunction with your breath as instructed. That's all it takes. Practicing this ancient modality of self care has amazing effects on mental clarity, relaxation relieving stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, tight muscles, body pains and also helps you become aware of ones that may need to be addressed if they have been ignored. Qi Gong means, using breath and movement to cultivate life force energy. The beauty of it is once you know an exercise well, you can tap in anywhere, anytime. For instance, if you are feeling anxiety, you can step into the bathroom or a closet and do 2 minutes of Qi Gong and you will be greatly relaxed in a matter of moments. These exercises are powerful. I have had so many patients that have wanted to learn more and I see they need at least half an hour of instruction once to twice a week. Metamorphosis yoga has been so kind to offer me the space so I decided to open the doors to the community. Come learn to cultivate your Qi through breath and movement with me starting March 5th. We will be meeting every Monday and Wednesday at Metamorphosis Yoga just before 2:30pm weekly.


With Aloha and Gratitude, Flora




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