Ear Massages & Ear Acupuncture for Pain and Relaxation

March 5, 2017

Aloha, my name is Flora Freeauf L.Ac., Licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Practitioner on the North Shore of Kauai, HI. I'd like to share with you about one of my favorite techniques for treating a variety of conditions from pain to organ disorders, called ear or auricular acupuncture.

The power of auricular acupuncture is quite spectacular. The entire body can be mirrored inside the ear; if you were to imagine an upside down body in the fetal position, the head anatomy is found at the ear lobe and the feet and lower body are found at the top. The neck found in the ear, starts low on the ridge called the scapha and the spine stretches up the ear to the lower back and hips. The organs can all be located in the deeper cavity called the concha.

The reason I am explaining this is that there are over 200 points found on the outer ear that are directly connected to different parts of your body and acupuncture can almost instantly treat conditions chronic or acute through these profound acupuncture points.

The strongest form of an analgesic (pain killer) in acupuncture is ear or auricular acupuncture. Throughout history in China, auricular acupuncture has been used as a primary form of analgesic medicine, reducing and replacing the use of pharmaceutical medicines.

In the United States, auricular acupuncture has been widely used for drug and nicotine addictions. It is commonly known as the NADA protocol and includes a series of 5 points which trigger the body to reduce and even eliminate cravings for the substances. Drug rehabilitation centers around the country often include this as part of the program. Sometimes people will hear of the immediate effects it has had on friends and loved ones and search out a Chinese Medicine practitioner for auricular treatments.

Weight loss treatments are similar to the NADA protocol in that overeating can be an addiction and is used to cover up deeper emotions. It's a physiological state of feeling better before worse as the stress triggers the response and the food can also be addictive i.e. sugar for instance. The points here will be different of course from the NADA protocol, as needling the hand and mouth help with the physical relationship and muscle memory one has established.


One of my new favorite additions to treatments is an ear massage while your on the table. I know it sounds odd, yet how often does someone touch your ears and work through all of the grooves stimulating all those points? I know, not often enough... some people have never had their ears touched. Let your hair down and ask about my ear massages and auricular treatments in general.

The conditions auricular acupuncture treats go on and on but these are just a few I use in my Kauai offices located in Kilauea and Hanalei. Feel free to inquire if you are local or come visit Kauai and see for yourself in person!
Thank you for your time...

Flora Freeauf L.Ac.




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