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September 22, 2016

North Shore Kauai Acupuncture, Cupping and More..

-A patient off in the space between awake and asleep-


Here on the North Shore of Kauai there are several practitioners with different styles. Many have told me I'm very good at diagnosing a patient with my fingers, feeling the meridians and the stagnation within it. Following it and then finding a release point or several to free the blockage. Sometimes it can be as simple as glass suction cups massaging the skin and other times people need more. When a muscle has gone into spasm, I first will try to unlock it through distal points away from the sensitive area, as it is likely defensive. When I decide it's the optimal treatment, trigger point can be the one and only thing that will work... and it's amazing. I travel the line of the muscle and once it has relaxed, move onto the next releasing something much like a shoestring or even thicker. I learned the tricks of the trade of trigger point from my mentor Marketa Bilkova and I liked her information so much that I continued on as a TA for her class so I could continue to work hands on with students. This amazing technique works well for any muscle tightness from head to toe and I love combining it with glass fire cupping, moxabustion and sometimes e-stem. Specializing in Sports Medicine, Cupping Massage, Trigger Point and Joint Rehabilitation, it's possible Trigger Point Therapy is my style but I have a hard time defining myself to just one...


I travel the island providing in-home sessions and have an office in Hanalei on the North Shore where I practice a lot of Glass fire cupping massage, Tuina Chinese Medical Massage, Lymphatic Meridian Touch Therapy, Moxabustion, Electrical Stimulation (less scary then it sounds), Tuning forks and Guasha Jade stone scraping. If you don't understand, refer to the techniques page of the website.


Lets make the world a better place, with less physical pain, through the use of herbal medicine, exercises, ancient medicine practices and of course evolving science as needed.


Flora Freeauf L.Ac.

Specializing in Sports Medicine, Cupping Massage, Trigger Point and Joint Rehabilitation

Located at Relish Salon, Hanalei, The beautiful North Shore of Kauai... call if you have any questions. (808) 631-6889


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