Need of Orthopedic Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

March 31, 2016

From the vines that grow high in the heart of our organic Moloa'a farm, beautiful lilikoi flowers or passion fruit flowers grace our presence a few times a year. Here, we are lucky to have both the regular and Jamaican kinds providing flavors of sweetness and tart sour. When tinctured, it makes for a very light and slightly sweet flavor. It is known to act as an anxiolytic (calms anxiety) and antispasmodic (reduces muscle spasms). It has been known to help calm insomnia. Passion flower is on the lighter end where kava and Valerian are much stronger more sedative herbs, you can still work, drive and function without any strong effect. Great herb for calming the adrenals, relaxing the muscles for athletes and sports medicine, anxiety, insomnia and is also an aphrodisiac enhancing sexual function. Visit me in my Hanalei office on the North Shore of Kauai for a free consult or call me at (808)631-6889 to make sure this is a good herbal formula for you. 


It is not recommended for pregnancy or breast feeding moms. If in question or on other herbs or pharmaceuticals, please check with you primary care before consuming.


Orthopedic and sports physical therapy involves evaluation, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to help people develop, restore and maintain movement and functional ability and reduce severe lower back pain, chronic lower back pain and neck shoulder pain. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary care to enable your recovery after an injury.


sports medicine physical therapist a kind of treatment you may require when medical issues make it difficult to move around and do regular assignments. It causes you move better and may calm torment. It likewise enhances or reestablish your physical capacity and your wellness level.


We offer our expert orthopaedics physical therapy at Dakine Hands Acupuncture






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