Did you know that Acupuncture can change and reduce scars increasing blood flow? Athletes beware, your performance may get awesome! Best release!


 Scar Acupuncture is used to decrease the size internally, externally and energetically from an old stuck injury. When a traumatic event occurs with the body, often it is repaired on one level of stitching it up, icing, wrapping, elevating and protecting it, but do you consider what happens to the tissue that forms a thick abrasive scar? Does the blood, body fluids and energy flow freely as it once did? Did the scar create adhesion to the wrong organ, fascia or what is happening under the surface? Why is it numb on one side and so and sometimes sore to the touch on the other?


These are all valid questions. Scar tissue can create thick unwanted adhesion internally fastening to the wrong tissue or musculoskeletal structure and this can create problems physically over many years. Imagine if you had a surgery to remove your spleen, appendix or gallbladder (not uncommon), with proper care the stitches and skin repair on the outside leaving a noticeable scar. Now imagine what that looks like on the inside as the body repairs itself. It can bind and pull in the wrong direction giving someone digestive problems on a western level or blocked meridians that it prevents flow in an eastern perspective.



Before I start working on scar tissue, I ask the patient to take some time to soften the scar with castro oil, an Epsom soak and we ease into it, slowly opening up the old scar with herbal wraps and gentle scraping techniques.  It’s amazing to see the change as we soften it under, release adhesions and reduce the size of the scar physically.


Not only does this work on reducing the scar on a physical level but it can also release phycho-emotional trauma someone may be holding onto for many years. It's quite the experience seeing it change in thickness, size and shape, quite literally on all levels. Releasing this massive blockage can improve a number of idiopathic problems in the body, increasing circulation, cardiovascular health, athletic abilities, old chronic injuries and sometimes arthritis and carpel tunnel.  Acupuncture is amazing and quite the best remedy when used with these other gentle tools that allow the body to unwind and release unwanted, unnatural tension. 


Flora Freeauf L.Ac.

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