Meditation - find peace within

February 26, 2016

Find a place that you can sit, stand, just be and breath.

Some people have a hard time meditating because they can't seem to sit still and quite the mind. If you're one of these people, have you ever tried a standing meditation?


Stand: in what we call the "wu ji" posture, sinking your feet deep into the earth, lengthening the spine, and straighten it so your tailbone tucks under slightly.  Roll your shoulders a few times and relax all joints and keeping them supple. 


Sit: If it's comfortable to cross your knees you can choose to sit, leaning your sits bones into the sand comfortably finding a grounded space.


Roll your tongue to the top of your mouth gently pressing it along the back of your top teeth and roof of your mouth. This connects the Du/Governor and Ren/Conception vessels, meridians that run along the centerline of the front and back of your body. Now make this position comfortable for your own preference and sink into it.


Close your eyes and see where it takes you...




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