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-A patient off in the space between awake and asleep-

Here on the North Shore of Kauai there are several practitioners with different styles. Many have told me I'm very good at diagnosing a patient with my fingers, feeling the meridians and the stagnation within it. Following it and then finding a release point or several to free the blockage. Sometimes it can be as simple as glass suction cups massaging the skin and other times people need more. When a muscle has gone into spasm, I first will try to unlock it through distal points away from the sensitive area, as it is likely defensive. When I decide it's the optimal treatment, trigger point can be the one and only thing that will work... and it'...

Find a place that you can sit, stand, just be and breath.

Some people have a hard time meditating because they can't seem to sit still and quite the mind. If you're one of these people, have you ever tried a standing meditation?


Stand: in what we call the "wu ji" posture, sinking your feet deep into the earth, lengthening the spine, and straighten it so your tailbone tucks under slightly.  Roll your shoulders a few times and relax all joints and keeping them supple. 


Sit: If it's comfortable to cross your knees you can choose to sit, leaning your sits bones into the sand comfortably finding a grounded space.


Roll your tongue to the top of your mouth gently pressing it along the back of your top teeth and roof of your mouth. This connects the...

Sink your feet deep into the sand as you visualize you have roots behind the front pad stretching 2-3 times the length of your body into the earth. Stretching your fingers up to the sky, you pull down the energy you have gathered through your upper, middle and lower dantian (energy centers of your body) grounding your qi, calming your body and mind.

Join me for a private session, enhance your inner beauty, strength and vitality with exercises you can do on your own every day.

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