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Qi gong class

North Shore Kaua'i Qi Gong course this autumn is fully booked! This 6 week course is going to focus on building basic skills in foundational qi gong exercises and will become more advanced helping people cultivate deep rooted energy with breath and movement. Contact me to schedule a private at your home, vacation rental, hotel or beach side at sunrise or sunset!
Aloha, much of alternative medicine or traditional eastern medicine is heavily reliant on preventitive care. In addition to preventative care, you can also treat your body's health conditions with exercises that act much like a prescription, clearing away sickness or strengthening the immune system when used consistently.  
What I offer my patients is whole body medicine.  Along with the treatment may include several possible techniques (acupuncture, cupping, moxa, guasha, tuina, tuning forks, e-stem), each patient is given exercises appropriate to their condition, helping them heal themselves.
I also teach private lessons and if you want to just get started with one or two classes, you can record them on your camera and view them as often as needed for daily exercises at home, the beach or a mountain top.
The video posted below, I am demonstrating an exercise that strengthens your liver, lungs and kidneys, improving the vision, immune system and adrenal health.

About Qi Gong

What  is Qi Gong?:

Qi, pronounced "Chee" is a difficult word to define but many will describe it as vital live force energy that flows through us and everything living. Gong is translated as cultivation of qi through through a steady practice.  Qi gong means cultivating the purest of vital energy through steady breath and movement.


Unlike any other forms of healthcare, Qi gong is non invasive, can take just minutes or hours of your day to achieve the simplest of goals; a heightened awareness balanced with a healthy immunity and strong vitality. These simple exercises can be practiced by people  of all ages, in any level of physical shape, they can even be practiced in a wheel chair or sitting down if necessary.  The practice of Qi gong, goes back thousands of years where each exercise has a purpose; strengthening individual organs and specific systems, such as cardiovascular, pulmonary and lymphatic.

With proper training and great focus, you can raise or lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve digestion, remove brain fog and improve mental clarity, increase longevity and overall feeling of health and wellness. With intentional exercises, you can also change your mood and shift unwanted emotions. For instance, the liver is associated with anger when it is out of balance. When the liver is in harmony, the emotion is benevolence. To clear out anger, there are several purgative exercises that release unwanted excess energy. On the other end, you can tonify/strengthen your liver with different exercises when it is weak and needing nourishment. 

Feel the zen of working with the breath and movement in conjunction to tonify/strengthen the organs. Among many ancient exercises, I teach 5 element qi gong. Starting with the wood for the spring we tonify the liver, fire for summer we strengthen the heart, earth for late summer belongs to the spleen, autumn for the assisting the lungs, and water for the winter element boosts the kidneys. You will learn to pull the essence and spirit from above, down into your body. You will lift the qi from the earth up into your body cultivating energy from the outside and within.  Seeing and feeling is believing.  


  • Introduction and advanced Qi Gong classes to heal from the inside out

    1 hr


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