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This menu page is intended to provide some treatment examples and ideas. Each person is evaluated independently and a unique set of points and techniques will be chosen for you to reach optimum health and balance. Mahalo.
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A note from James:

"Without the treatments that I recieve from Flora, I would never be able to do what I love. She takes a complete approach to identify the problems I have with my back that are caused by living an active lifestyle.

She pin points, no pun intended, lol, the specific points of discomfort that are caused from surfing and playing beach volleyball and tailor makes a special program specifically designed for me to alleviate the pain and restore my health. She is precise and no two patients are alike. She caters to your specific problems and addresses each individual according to their needs.

She is one of a kind and I couldn't live my active lifestyle without her."


Specialized healthcare services and treatments offered for the patients

The services of professional healthcare experts can help the patient to overcome various health issues. As the health related problems are increasing, patients want services of professionals for a good treatment. If you are looking to get help of professional health experts for the treatment of any kind of sports injury to the muscle, bone or joint, acute or chronic pain, unexplained autoimmune disease or fertility complications, seek professional assistance with Flora Freeauf L.Ac at Dakine Hands Acupuncture.

The primary aim this healthcare clinic is to serve the patients who are suffering from the issues with neck and lower back pain, knee injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, fertility complications, stress related problems with insomnia and autoimmune related disorders causing low energy. You will love to see the treatments offered by us to reduce the issues and diseases listed above. Check some of the prominent healthcare services offered by clicking on the images above.

About our healthcare and treatment services:

At Dakine Hands Acupuncture, every patient is treated as a unique individual and Flora will focus on the easiest ways of reducing pain and helping your body heal. She will offer you various treatment options depending on what ails you with many techniques.



Orthopedic and joint health is something Flora is very passionate about. She makes a full Chinese medical diagnostic prior to designing a treatment plan for each patient. She chooses certain orthopedic sports medicine techniques when it comes to the sports and work related injuries.

  • Identification of sports injury and full assessment

  • Treatment will often include some of the following techniques: A variety of 4 different kinds of massage, Chinese or Japanese style Acupuncture, Herb infused heat therapy, Hot stones, Cupping therapy, Guasha jade stone along with herb, vitamin and dietary recommendations.

  • For over a decade, Flora has been creating the best pain relieving herbal salves and tinctures for her patients. The formulas are tested and modified for years before she releases them to the public. The herbs she sources are organic, sustainability harvested and many grown by herself and her partner on their farm. She continues to create and make products as they are heavily requested and work well for her expanding client base, locally and nationally.

Flora also offers fertility treatment options assisting in promoting a healthy environment for conception, treats first trimester nausea, assists in relieving pain during pregnancy and assists in third the trimester period for a healthy baby to be born. She offers several ways for patients to have an easy going birth and postpartum care as well. In that same case, you can collect information about our healthcare and treatment services in the following points:

  • Expert solution of your fertility issues.

  • Assists in conception providing a healthy environment through diet and balancing hormones.

  • Assists in first trimester with relieving nausea and low energy.

  • Treats back and feet pain in second and third trimester.

  • Helps provide healthy environment during the final stage of third trimester.

  • We will offer full body nourishing and holistic healing session for taking control of your health issues.

  • For the patients with physical injuries during pregnancy, we offers special sessions or treatments that are safe.

  • We will offer you a chart of food diets and herbs as  our recommendation.

  • Our consultation  services are open for  you 24/7- treatments are given between 9am-9pm

  • We offer complete acupuncture and comprehensive care using various modalities with the traditional medicine.

Therefore, you can also pick our treatment services easily because we are offering you upper listed benefits within such reasonable rates of treatments as compared to the market.

Professional In-Home or Office services for your Treatment: 

Flora offers expert treatments in her two offices (Kilauea stone building and at Rider Physical Therapy in Hanalei). She also treats patients at the convenience of their home or vacation rental when available. Depending on your needs, she will have different kinds of tools with techniques to help your body find balance again. 

Sports Medicine Treatments

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Sports/Work related injury

Work hard, play hard? I'm here to fix you up so you can get back to what you do best. Acute and chronic neck pain, lower back pain, knee stiffness and injuries, shoulder injuries, nagging elbow pain... exc I treat these every day. Let me help you be your best- It's never too late but.. Don't wait too long, it's easier to help you before it becomes more chronic!